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MC Flux new book ‘Dirty’ has been featured on Till Late Magazine UK this past week.

Dirty MC Flux Teaser

“Growing up in Croydon, MC Flux and his associates experienced a gritty underworld of drugs, football violence and institutionalised racism, catalogued with brutal honesty over the space of 20 chapters. Retelling his story in an informal “pub banter” setting, Carl “McFlux” Thomas pulls no punches when he invites the reader to witness his struggles with police brutality, substance abuse and rival football firms which he would one day overcome to become a pivotal figure in the emerging Drum ‘n Bass scene.”

“Now a social worker who works with troubled youths, MC Flux’s story is one of rehabilitation and vindication. Since 1993, he has toured all six continents in front of crowds of up to 40,000 as one of the first professional MC’s of the Drum ‘n Bass movement having previously worked with labels such as Ram Records and Moondance. In 1996 he founded his own clothing company, Inta-Natty alongside fellow South-Londoners Pete Nice (co-author of the book), Face, Killer, Inch, Juice, Danny B, Grooverider, Bailey and Fabio all of whom are mentioned in the book.”

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