Casting Our Net Across The Atlantic

Casting Our Net Across The Atlantic


10 days, 7 planes and 1 helicopter…from an aerial view of the Grand Canyon to a meeting with Rick Barker, Taylor Swift’s former manager in Nashville, the Mastermind US Tour went off without a hitch. Here are some of the highlights from my recent informative, productive and successful business trip across the Atlantic.


Infusionsoft’s ICONic Archetype

First up on the itinerary was Infusionsoft’s ICON event in Phoenix, Arizona where I was invited as a VIP – Mastermind Promotion was featured as their top International success story. Using the Infusionsoft software saves a lot of time for our staff so they can devote more attention to our clients. An efficient marketing process therefore benefits our artists. We’ll be announcing the new video shortly, so stay tuned.

Poised To Dine

Afterwards, I was invited to dinner along with other VIPs in attendance, including business owners and experts from the music industry. This was a great opportunity to forge connections with industry professionals and assert Mastermind’s presence in America, increasing the scope of our business and the range of clients we can work with.

Old Friends in LA

Next, I hopped on a plane to the Sunset Strip, visiting good friend Vicky Hamilton. Having spent much of her early career working with Guns N’ Roses, Vicky has now written an autobiography to document her experiences working with the band – an excellent read. Our meeting could not have been better timed following the announcement of the Guns N’ Roses reunion, and I was also able to arrange an interview with her and the Rolling Stone magazine. Another productive outcome of the Mastermind US Tour, soon to be published.

A Gripping Read

Vicky Hamilton’s book recounts her experience as a Rock N’ Roll manager, finding success as a music-business professional, an incredible journey ridden with barren troughs, menacing obstacles and ecstatic peaks. “A must read for anyone with a dream of their own,” the story is a familiar one, showing how rewarding the music business can be if you’re willing to take the exhilarating route. We are true fans of the book as we recognise the reality of the obstacles people like Vicky and many other musicians face on the way to a successful career.

Over to Nashville

Finally, I boarded a plane to Nashville where I met Taylor Swift’s former manager, Rick Barker. Rick and I first met at the Springboard South music conference in Texas last year where I was a keynote speaker, after realising the similarity of our marketing ideas, have been advisory partners ever since. My relationship with Rick is important as we share information, tips, and stories with each other from our own experiences of the industry in America and the UK. Our combined knowledge of the industry across two continents can prepare clients for both markets.

Traversing the Pond

Before I returned from America I had to reduce the length of my bucket list by taking a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. It did not disappoint. There are so many new memories like this to bring back across the Atlantic. It was a great journey – we reinforced our connections with Infusionsoft, Vicky, Rick, and clients, taking the opportunity to establish Mastermind’s presence across the pond. Now if I could only shake this jetlag…

We are equipped to help you wherever you are – if you want to hit the US or the UK market, arrange a consultation today.

All the best,

Michael Eastwood.

P.S. Just so you know, we’ve got limited space on our roster.

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