Andrew Collins – Another Christmas Time

About This Project

A GARDENER who nurtured a dream of writing a Christmas song has had it released by a major label. Andrew Collins approached a host of celebrities to sing on his track before enlisting Filipina artist Monique de los Santos. She has appeared on shows such as American Idol, The Voice Philippines and Pilipinas Got Talent.

Now, Another Christmas Time, by Andrew Collins featuring Monique, is available on the major music platforms and Andrew hopes it will become a perennial favourite. Andrew, 43, from Mudeford, runs his gardening business from Rosebud Florists in Southbourne. The idea for recording a Christmas song came about during Andrew’s regular winter trips to the Philippines, where he makes music with local friends.

He said: “My work in the UK is seasonal so I work eight months of the year and then the other eight months I go out and hang out with my friends in Manilla.

“When I got there, they asked me ‘What are we going to do this time?’ I told them ‘We’re going to make a Christmas song’. Not just an ordinary one – we’re going to find the best talents in Asia and the Philippines that we can to make the best song that we can.”