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Successful and striking, passionate visual artist Anuladé has put the paintbrushes down momentarily for the release of her debut single ‘Dance Til The Stars Go Out’ on Friday, 10th May 2019. Alongside mentor and executive producer David Grant (Pop Idol), Anuladé has recorded her debut album ‘Troika’, a collection of 10 tracks which she has based on autobiographical experiences.

Anuladé’s life-affirming lyrics tell her story and reach out to anyone who has ever struggled, offering positive messages which focus on recovery and possibility. ‘Dance Til The Stars Go Out’ documents Anuladé’s own experiences with challenges recalling a piece of advice she was given upon visiting a doctor “Dance til the stars go out, dance the whole night through, dance til the stars go out, keep on moving”.

Since writing from an early age, Anuladé’s artistic passions have always provided cathartic routes of self-expression for her. “David Grant my producer, vocal coach and mentor encouraged me to put together an album of my own songs, which is how Troika came about. It took three years to complete and I think the songs establish me as a storytelling artist.” 

The video for ‘Dance Til The Stars Go Out’ narrates the period of struggle through contemporary dance. Using a range of expression and colour, it is a visually impactful piece of art in keeping with Anuladé’s flair for painting. 

Premiering on 28th June 2019 ahead of her album release, the single is sure to cement her as an artistic force of nature in the realm of music too.