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Rising R&B starlet Dupé is preparing to premiere her debut single ‘Now I’m Done’ on Friday the 8th of October. Emerging stronger from the trials and tribulations of the foster care system, she embraced music as her saving grace and ultimate purpose in life. A stunning start of her long-pursued music career, ‘Now I’m Done’ boasts a spectacular vocal display and soulful melodies, produced by Fangio Pembe. Backed by a fittingly sleek video, courtesy of director Kiaren Harriott from X.ANIMA, Dupé leaves her nightmares in the past and presents ‘Now I’m Done’ – an intimate story of love, passion and abrupt heartbreak, her lyrics becoming the goodbye letter she was not aware she needed to fully move on.

Born in a toxic family in Nigeria and relocating to London when she was 9, Dupé’s tragic story began on the day before her 12th birthday when she was first placed into foster care. Facing the challenges of that drastic change at such a fragile age, she went on to bounce between three separate homes. Dupé was moved to a dismal and unsafe environment, sending her to a dark and hopeless place where a warm home was all but a distant memory. Finding a retreat in the music room at her local school, she eventually found her happy ending when social services finally found a suitable foster home with caring parents, giving back control of her life, and support and freedom to pursue her true calling in singing and songwriting. With a debut track about letting go after a difficult recent breakup, Dupé raises stronger than ever: “Music has always been my safe space, a place where I could come out and find peace, a place that would hear me when I had no words left.

Despite all unimaginable tribulations, Dupé dedicated her adolescence to music, becoming part of the school choir, and playing the trombone and steelpan. Her favourite records by the likes of Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin gave her a sense of purpose, and strength to face the nightmares and challenges life threw at her. Determined to make it through and pursue her dreams, at the age of 16 she started her own hair business to fund her early career before eventually making it to London’s professional studios. Never letting go of her dream and the beautiful vision of what she could become, Dupé kept her head high, and did not let her past define her future. She went on to pass all 4 initial rounds of X Factor before giving up just before the live auditions to focus on recording. The result is ‘Now I’m Done’ – a stellar debut, fuelled by recent heartbreak and setting the promising start of a fruitful R&B career.  

Aside from her deep love for Soul, R&B and classic Pop influences, Dupé’s contemporary influences include the likes of Kehlani, Demi Lovato and H.E.R. With a musical debut as powerful as  ‘Now I’m Done’, follow Dupé’s socials for more music and future updates.

Instagram: instagram.com/dupe._x 

Facebook: facebook.com/Dupexofficial 

Twitter:  twitter.com/modupx_ 

YouTube: youtube.com/Dupe