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The band pursue a shimmering new sound dominated by synth arpeggios and a larger-than-life chorus


Narrating tales of modern romance and classic heartaches against sonically diverse soundscape, Elephant Kind are truly one of a kind.”

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London-based Indie trio Elephant Kind are premiering their brand new track ‘Rockstar accompanied by an official music video. The lead promotional single off their upcoming third studio album Superblue, ‘Rockstar’ teases the senses with the band’s signature blend of Electro-pop sensibility, imaginative Alternative Rock compositions and sleek synths. Already a hit band in their homeland of Indonesia, Elephant Kind have grown a large and loyal fan base, with previous singles gathering over 150k monthly listeners, and boasting huge numbers – ‘True Love’ at 7 million, ‘Better Days’ at 5 million, and ‘I Believe In You’ at 3,5 million.

A perfect statement of their immense talent and newly found purpose, ‘Rockstar’ reminds us of the trio’s signature sonic unity of singer and guitarist Bam Mastro’s sensual vocals, drummer Bayu Adisapoetra’s slick beats and bassist Kevin Septanto’s laidback lines. Elephant Kind shed light on their new single, following the rising trend of people suddenly changing their life in a completely new exotic destination and asking the existential question “When people move to a new city or island, do they live the same life in a different place or do they live a new life?” 

After two difficult years spent in isolation and away from touring, Elephant Kind almost broke up before eventually reigniting the drive to create music together and writing the entire album Superblue together to explore dominant themes of loneliness and resurgence. Rediscovering the essence of being in a band, for the first time, all three members took equal part of the composition and arrangement phases, each leaving his mark. Setting the tone of the entire record, ‘Rockstar’ cleverly spins its lyrics to explore the mindset of people pushed to the limits following years of solitude:  “Pack ‘er up, we’re moving to Bali, I wanna feel all the spark. I never meant to live in the city, I like to be in the dark. I’m just a living rockstar, without the money and the fame

Embracing their musical influences in the likes of Arcade Fire, Tame Impala and Radiohead, Elephant Kind are firmly set on popularising their music worldwide. Make sure to follow their socials to keep up with future events and upcoming music releases.


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