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“Holly hauntingly opens the doors on a real-life love story, using poignant piano melodies and echoing vocals.” – Wonderland

“There’s a haunting and powerful element to her vocals” – RGM

“The universe sings with her” – The Intellectual and Creative


Liverpool based Folk-Pop artist Holly Lovelady is due to release her new single ‘Oreanne’ on 16th June 2021. She has previously seen support across the BBC Network having received airplay and interviews on the likes of BBC Radio Merseyside, Cumbria and Lancashire as well as frequently selling out her live performances, the latest being at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall which sold out to an audience of 1,700 in just 7 days. Her recent Christmas cover  ‘A Spaceman Came Travelling’ garnered the attention of the original songwriter Chris De Burgh and earned more than 60K streams on Spotify in a month. 

Holly Lovelady continues her personal musical journey, charged with deep emotions, gentle melodies, and poetic lyrics, and determined to empower women to be comfortable and daring in difficult relationships. ‘Oreanne’ is inspired by a real love story that came to a dramatic end, leaving the girl with a broken heart and dealing with the loss. As Holly Lovelady sings the hauntingly honest ‘I’m sorry, I really am’, the single becomes a powerful reminder to rise above the heartbreak and grow stronger. Determined yet vulnerable, we have all been Oreanne at some point in our lives, letting go and learning from past mistakes. A unique and rare talent, Holly Lovelady‘s vocals evoke a plethora of feelings and memories, leading women to never be afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves and be honest to themselves. 

Oreanne’ relies on contemporary synth-led instrumentation that gives the track a hypnotic feel, cleverly positioned against the young singer’s natural affinity to traditional Folk-influenced singing style. Intimate and beautifully emotive, ‘Oreanne’ follows her angelic voice soaring over a progressively upbeat rhythm that revolves with distinctively modern Electro-pop twist and even edgier Indie sensibilities. Holly Lovelady’s imagination and natural gift for storytelling reflects a mixture of melancholy, hope, love and sadness, backed up with a perfectly fitting and uncanny music video. ‘Oreanne’ is produced by Holly Lovelady and Bob Mackenzie at the iconic Motor Museum Recording Studio (Jake Bugg, Arctic Monkeys).

Holly Lovelady’s alluring music takes influences from a wide range of pop, rock, folk and blues artists such as Adele, Fleetwood Mac and Birdy. With a ‘Magical Door Church Tour’ which will see Holly performing across the UK at churches and cathedrals later this year and with latest singles ‘A Spaceman Came Travelling’ and ‘Dreamers’ building up numbers across all media platforms, Holly Lovelady is quickly becoming an artist on the rise. Follow her socials for the latest details. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HollyLovelady 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/HollyLovelady

Youtube: www.youtube.com/HollyLovelady

Spotify: www.open.spotify.com/HollyLovelady