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‘‘There’s no escaping the acclaim’’

LA Times

Prolific actor and pop singer-songwriter Jeremy Swift is releasing his brand new single ‘Wonderland’ on Friday 14th of October 2022. Already a well-established name in the acting world, known for his Emmy-nominated performances as Leslie Higgins inTed Lassoand iconic role as Mr Spratt inDownton Abbey and with the support of NME, Vanity Fair, LA Times and NY Post, Jeremy Swift invites us into his dreamy musical wonderland, seamlessly playing with visual fantasies, corrupted dreams and gender disparities alike. The track and its immersive video and thought-provoking lyrics reflect the polarised and utopian world we live in with all its extremes and absurdities. Jeremy states: “The wonderland is never going to be perfect. It’s filled with inflatable characters and fantasies. It has to be corrupted, but you want to dream and be part of that wonderland to survive!” 

Inspired by a variety of artists such as David Bowie, Björk and Caroline Polachek, ‘Wonderland’ builds upon the love and nostalgia for 80s-inspired sounds and cinematic textures, creatively backed by Jeremy Swift’s deep baritone vocals and mysterious cinematography. Merging fantastical imagery with the mundane further accentuates the striking contacts in our society, between poverty and wealth, darkness and light. 

Growing up in a family of musicians, Jeremy Swift has been involved with different genres and instruments from a very young age, from playing in a punk band to singing for the Soul-Pop outfit Burst Out Laughing. Even throughout his acting career, Jeremy continued honing his songwriting by creating music for TV and theatre shows: “I can’t stop being creative and I feel that people will connect with my music.” He ventured into solo music following the passing of his writing partner, released his debut album ‘Everything’s a Joke’ in 2017.

Wonderland’ is the lead single from Swift’s upcoming second album, due to release later this year. Keep an eye out on Jeremy’s social media to keep up with new music and performances.