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“Julia’s wonderful score beautifully encapsulated the empathy and drama within our story.”

Chris Dodds Director  on ‘Looking Out For George’ (Raindance Film Festival Nominee 2002)

Her music is very distant, evocative and leads the listener to still waters, one of the hardest things music should do. Julia does with ease in her amazing style, creating an atmosphere that one would want to listen to forever. “

William Camilleri, Composer and Cannes Film Festival Judge


Julia Thomsen is a neo-classical composer who takes inspiration from everything around her. Lately, in the exploration of her relationships with landscapes and nature, she has completed her album ‘Forever Seasons’, a nod to Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’. Presenting a new version of her lead single ‘Snowscape’, remastered for Spotify at Abbey Road Studios by Grammy Award Winning Andy Walter (Harry Potter), Julia Thomsen leads us on an ambient journey where the listener’s imagination is worked to create its own points of gentle cinematography.


‘Snowscape’ was orchestrated by illustrious composer Dani Howard, who was recently commissioned by Classic FM to compose new work in celebration of the station’s 25th anniversary. Her work also regularly features on BBC Radio. As a composer, Julia Thomsen successfully weaves soundscapes with moments on par with filmatic heavyweights like Thomas Newman (American Beauty), Barrington Pheulong (Hillary and Jackie) and Howard Shore (Lord Of The Rings).


Celebrated for its evocative, calm, atmospheric sound, ‘Snowscape’ holds the power to transport you away from the trappings of a frenetic day. It is perhaps for this reason Thomsen’s work has been universally adopted by local healing centres in London to aid elements of well-being. In addition to ‘Forever Seasons’, Julia’s music has been used in art exhibitions, documentaries and films, most notably ‘Looking Out For George’ (2002) which was shortlisted for the Jury’s Prize at the Raindance Film Festival 2003


At home amongst Spotify playlists which focus on relaxation, stillness, meditation, and well-being, Snowscape will provide the perfect soundtrack for an escape route from today’s to-do lists.


Facebook:​ https://www.facebook.com/juliathomsen

Website: https://juliathomsen.com

Twitter:  @juliathomsen10


YouTube: https://bit.ly/2EVjqSn

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/4T6X4p