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Hailing from the medieval walled market town of Conwy in North Wales, Louis Janus Thomas is an exciting arrival to the contemporary indie music scene. His debut single ‘Latino Booty Sunrise’ is released on Friday, 5th July 2019 and uses overlapping musical styles alongside fractured thoughts and dispersed lyrics. Mixed by GRAMMY nominated engineer Blake Eiseman (Usher, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, James Brown, TLC) the debut single is an Indie/Pop/Jazz fusion with tonnes of personality. 

Leaving home at 17 years old, Louis Janus Thomas moved to Surrey, choosing to live independently in a YMCA. After accepting a place at The Academy of Contemporary Music he honed his skills as a singer/songwriter as well as a pianist. Longing to be part of the music industry, Louis Janus Thomas left college after just 1 year to immerse himself in writing music full time. 

Fond of oddities and irregularities, Louis Janus Thomas is a fan of branding things with quirky distinctive names. Recording his debut single in a basement studio he dubbed as ‘The Upside Down Zebra’, ‘Latino Booty Sunrise’ is Louis Janus Thomas’ call to the youth to care a little less about making mistakes

A highly original and dynamic composition, Louis Janus Thomas will sit well with fans of both Mac DeMarco and King Krule, sounding like a hybrid of both contemporary and older indie influences. Mixing Bossa Nova style rhythms with wirey guitar lines, his smooth vocals paint a surrealist picture of modern young love where the protagonists are tangled in the worries of human error. Louis Janus Thomas’ philosophy is toseize the day and to make the most of it while it lasts. When push comes to shove, I feel that life is made of moments. A definitive moment good or bad will last a lifetime.”

‘Latino Booty Sunrise’ is certainly a definitive moment for Louis Janus Thomas, an artist who is less concerned with making mistakes and fitting in with the mainstream perceptions of what music should be.


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