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“Vicky Hamilton recalls complicated history with bands she helped make famous”



“The real rock and roll deal.” (Vicky Hamilton)

Liz Kershaw (BBC 6 Music)


“Vicky (Hamilton) …. made everything happen for us. I’m grateful for that.” 

Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses)


South Carolina rockers Lovely World are set to release their new single ‘Compromise’ on Tuesday 21st April currently via Vicky Hamilton’s Dark Spark Music and distributed by Orchard internationally. Lovely World caught the attention of legendary manager Vicky Hamilton who is best known for launching the careers of the multi-platinum band Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe and Poison. ‘Compromise’ was produced by esteemed Rick Parker (Lord Huron, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club). 

Lovely World believes that it is important to look at things from a different perspective and being authentic. This is why they created Lovely World due to their ethos about going against the grain and being different. Lovely World wrote Compromise due to the struggles they have experienced through their growth and the changes that are associated with it, this can also be related to the ‘chaotic nature of societal affairs’ right now with the compromises made internationally due to Covid 19.

Known for their original retro-rock sound and unrivalled live performances, ‘Compromise’ oozes romance, mischief and mighty riffs. Landon’s dynamic vocal performance paired with the band’s unique rock sound creates a daringly honest and powerful track. Lovely World’s influences are evident within this single, beautifully encapsulating elements of the power and ferocity of Led Zeppelin, the poetry of Jeff Buckley and the attitude of Black Sabbath, Lovely World has managed to create something completely different whilst keeping an air of familiarity. Lovely World is strongly backed by highly selective tastemaker Vicky Hamilton who is responsible for the success of Guns N’ Roses saying ‘Lovely World are one of my best since Guns N’ Roses, they are going to be huge” and due to her track record also with Mötley Crüe and Poison, there is no wonder why they have already gained interest from major labels and an A-list rock icon who is interested in booking the band as a support act for their major tour. 

Lovely World has just finished their east to west coast tour, however, due to Coronavirus their eastern leg of the tour has been cancelled. Lovely World is on the precipice of international success with some key singles and E.P in the pipeline. Who knows how far their next steps will take them and who will pick them up, as they are already on the path to greatness. Keep your eyes peeled.