Mandek Penha

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About This Project

Here’s what we know; The Church of Sarrean Alignment came to us claiming to be some sort of religious organisation broadcasting out of Melbourne, Australia. Indwelled by “Lord Mandek Penha” the “Current Earthly Embodiment” utilizes modern connective tools such as music, videos and social networking to consistently push out their views to the public. Mandek Penha’s previous video happened to be chosen by art collective Aphids to be featured in a Gold Disc which is due to be launched into space on a shuttle probe.


Moving from North Korea to Melbourne, those at The Church of Sarrean Alignment work tirelessly to save humanity and guide man towards Lord Mandek Penha’s Love. If you are lucky enough to see Mandek’s live show you will see their ideals displayed through music and video.


After some further research we discovered you can find information on their beliefs and teachings apparently dating backing to 1350 AD. Mandek Penha are clearly set on some sort of mission, what will the future hold for those who believe their cause?