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Multi-instrumental producer, singer and songwriter Mark Lean goes the extra distance, releasing the first single ‘Lounge’ from his upcoming album on Friday, 24th of June 2022. The song was co-produced, mixed and mastered by a host of incredibly talented artists who all played a significant role in turning his vision into a Disco- Funk reality. 

The drive of the song is gained from the mixing of genres, a nostalgic Jazzy Funk sound with new, more experimental tones. It’s a real groover, created for the listener to dance, fitting coming from an artist exposed to so many different cultures. This release comes after spending his time in New York honing his skill-set by playing in bars along with studies at the prestigious LIU Brooklyn, learning from great mentors such as award-winning composer Kenyatta Beasley (Jay-Z, Ben Harper, Mary J. Blige) and renowned opera singer Alba Quezada (Houston Grand Opera, Brooklyn Academy of Music). It was time for Mark to express the funk like his heroes Prince, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and Sting. Mark states: “the importance of music and the community music enables us to gather around emotions and understand each other in spite of whatever differences we have.” 

Since childhood, he has developed a talent as a musician to create music that bends genres and songs that deliver a range of different emotions. Mark’s primary focus revolves around authenticity, not only does he write and perform almost all the material in his music himself but he also strives to display a genuine version of himself to his fans. He feels people have become unattached from personal, meaningful relationships and dissociated with each other, something  he wants to change. 

Music is a very personal thing to Mark as he claims to make music for himself and not to benefit others and this is particularly prevalent considering recently Mark suffered a period of severe depression and anxiety. This bout of bad mental health meant Mark had to put everything on hold but fortunately now, the artist is ready to open up and speak about this dark period of time, expressing his vulnerability through an honest display of emotion within his music.  Mark says: “I make music with the intention to express different parts of what it feels like to be human, and this is the right time to share something so personal and very emotional to connect with my fans. My motto is to embrace yourself and be honest. Then, you can change the world”.


Mark Lean decided to dedicate his life to the art of music and is ready to impress with his unique sound. A talent on the rise, he is preparing for his album later this year. Follow his socials for the latest updates.






Twitter: twitter/MarkLeanMusic