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Chicago-based musician and filmmaker Michael Anthony is premiering his brand new short documentary-style film ‘Diversity Noire’ as the first installment in a series of poetic fragments, released under the legendary Belgian independent dance label R&S Records. Previously a part of the music crew THEMPeople collaborating with the likes of Mick Jenkins and The Mind, Michael Anthony is no stranger to the music industry and is preparing the release of his solo project in 2022. Reflecting his true artistic vision and soulful R&B nature, the new video opens a window into his multi-talented personality and a collection of enticing and thought-provoking ideas, starting with an open debate on diversity, art and human nature. 

Michael Anthony describes his new video as a “visual montage of creatives artistically pushing towards forward thinking and evolving from being trapped in societal boundaries”. ‘Diversity Noire’ is a true reflection of his deep interest in Anthropology and Ethnography – recurrent themes in his projects, studying what makes us human and using art as a tool of social science. In Michael Anthony’s craft music, movies, magic and culture all collaborate together, intertwined with the common purpose to provoke reflection and push audiences to find their own answers. The filmmaker questions the segregation and limitation inevitably linked with the broad and inconsistent term ‘diversity’: 

Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively and dynamic world as we see today. This short visual encapsulates people of color marrying the personal and political, with the intention of highlighting social circumstances. “Diversity” as a word itself is an art piece to explore for all of us.  Each culture, sub culture and ethnicity must attempt to figure out how true diversity benefits the collective and how it relates to constructing a world free of limitations.

A rare example of a true artistic soul and modern-day romantic, Michael Anthony has been on a journey of self-discovery and personal development as a gifted filmmaker and a talented musician. Having established his name as part of the R&B collective THEMPeople between the rich local scenes in Chicago and L.A., in 2014 the rising artist met with electronic music visionary and founder of R&S Records (Aphex Twin, James Blake) Renaat Vandepapeliere, who was immediately enticed by Michael Anthony’s unique approach, and has since provided the creative environment for his talent to flourish outside genre limitations and societal boundaries. Vandepapeliere says about Anthony’s short stories and music: “Experiencing his poetry is like watching sunlight fall through a woven curtain; what we perceive is sketches, and yet we also experience that there is something beyond them, some persistent truth. In tackling the role of art in life, Michael Anthony shows how deeply indispensable it is – he celebrates the flawed, the subjective and the open-ended, showing that, ultimately, art is bigger than boundaries.” 

Aside from his thought-provoking short collage movies, Michael Anthony is preparing his brand new solo music project, to be launched in early 2022 via R&S Records. Follow his socials for more upcoming releases, music news and future updates.