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”Nothing Beats The Sounds Of Classic Pop. A Must-Listen.’‘ – Wonderland Mag


Classic Pop artist Michee releases the heartfelt new Christmas Song ‘Merry Christmas’ on Friday, 3rd of December 2021. After working with Roman Roth of Simply Red to complete the composition, the track was recorded in the well-renowned Powerplay Studios in Zürich (Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz, Backstreet Boys). The message behind ‘Merry Christmas’ is to capture the feeling people have when they wish they could reach out to someone they may no longer be in contact with, or cannot reconnect. Of course, this came as particularly prevalent over the last festive period with the world gripped by Covid and many of us not being allowed to see loved ones.  

This new seasonal single takes Michee in a different direction, inspired entirely by his own personal experience; he hopes that everyone can find a relatable connection to the track: “I hope that the listener will be able to understand the feelings I had at that moment and that it will give them hope that there are better days coming and that we will all find the person we miss, here or in another life.” 

Musically, ‘Merry Christmas’ features catchy lyrics with soft moving vocals and like most good Christmas songs, comes complete with a well-polished, sentimental music video which was primarily filmed in his house. Typically Michee’s influences include Elton John, Gary Barlow & Lenny Kravitz and this is particularly clear through the new single’s catchy pop ballad style. 

Born in Zürich to Italian parents, Michee is already widely known across Italy with his two singles ‘Voglia Di Te’ and ‘Tu Ce Faci’ making it into the Top 20 of the Italian charts, and supported by one of the most prominent national broadsheets L’Espresso. Following this, his more recent single ‘Pennies’ achieved a premiere in Wonderland Mag as well as a host of online radio stations and various tastemaker publications.

Having spent years composing and performing music at piano bars and orchestras, it wasn’t until his sons opened their professional recording studio and nudged Michee to pursue a serious music recording and publishing career. ‘Merry Christmas’ encapsulates Michee’s grandiose, catchy style and will be sure to touch a lot of hearts this Christmas time.  Be sure to keep an eye on his socials for more information on the release.