Nazneen Rahman

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About This Project

Welcome Nazneen Rahman onto the Mastermind roster.

In 2011 Nazneen started singing intimate stories about life’s complexities. She didn’t set out to write such songs, but those are the one’s she has written. Nazneen didn’t write them in the anticipation that anyone would listen to them, but she is touched and delighted that people listen.

Nazneen is influenced by many different musicians and styles of music. The great jazz singers are a constant inspiration, as are creative, individual, fearless artists like Kate Bush, Amy Winehouse and Bjork. The words are the heart of Nazneen’s songs but the music is equally vital; every scorching piano chord, poignant cello, slinky bass and lush harmony is integral to the whole. The songs would not exist without the talented pianist and producer Joe Davison at Auburn Jam Music who has nurtured Nazneen’s songwriting and brings a craftsmanship to production that she deeply admires.