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Noah Francis Johnson

Do you fancy winning a brand-new Apple iPad Air 2? Then this is the prize for you! Take A Break Magazine has joined with Noah Francis Johnson — a singer and songwriter on the path to super-stardom — to give away an iPad tablet.

“A former professional boxer and world freestyle dance champion, Noah has the sort of voice that makes people sit up and listen.”

“Now, after years of honing his craft, Noah has released his first album, Life & Times. Sung from the heart, it has been described by the Express as ‘thick with melody and meaning, a confident and beautiful debut’.”

Along with a fantastic Apple iPad Air 2, Take a Break Magazine will also offer an exclusive signed copy of Life & Times, a superb album that will take you on a journey through the Tiger Bay-born singer’s fascinating life.


Noah Francis Johnson is definitely on the path to stardom visit www.noahfrancisjohnson.com and follow him on his social media to watch as his career unfolds this year.




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