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“Noah’s voice is in perfect harmony with the integrity and honesty of his songs”

Quincy Jones


BBC Radio

“One to watch”
The Independent

Noah Francis Johnson Piano

Bleed –

The song ‘Bleed’ is the manifestation of universal hurt; physically, psychologically and emotionally. Noah uses his words as the last stand against these sorrows.

Found as the opening song on his recent Harvest Tree EP, we are pleased to highlight ‘Bleed’ by Noah Francis Johnson, released by Last Ten Records. Noah has enjoyed increased media attention since his debut album Life and Times.

Showcasing Noah’s raw and distinguished vocals, ‘Bleed’ is a passionate protest song against social conformity. The song reflects his anger as he lays bare personal experiences; reflecting on widening poles across the planet and “releasing all of his emotion”.

Having finished a successful year, Noah Francis Johnson is set to have an exciting future, with 2015 seeing him explore many different talents and venture into other forms of media. Following on from Harvest Tree E.P with plans for an array of multi genre EP’s.

Noah Francis Johnson Abbey Road

Fire –

‘Fire’ is one of those rare songs full of meaning and acknowledgment of it’s musical content, grabbing you instantaneously from the first line. Being such a diverse artist, Noah Francis Johnson excels within each genre he touches, this time opting for an L.A. Gospel choir to bring the record to its ethereal crescendo. “This is more than a song for me, it’s a thousand prayers”. It is interesting to note that before life as a musician Noah Francis Johnson studied priesthood for many years before being told by the church that music has his true calling.

Noah Francis Johnson:




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