Astronauts Of Antiquity – ‘Paradise’ (March Against Monsanto) ft. Deploi

About This Project

“Astronauts Of Antiquity superbly deliver. Exquisite vocals and compelling grooves….always rocks the house!”
Timeout London

“Hypnotic listen that drips with beauty”

“Setting the new tone for today’s urban and alt pop genres…and for the experimentally obsessed indie scene…this is A RARE GEM!”

US-based alt-pop/trip-hop collective, AOA (Astronauts Of Antiquity) debut their single, ‘Paradise’, due for official release May 21st, 2016.  This date coincides with the March Against Monsanto phenomenon taking place in major cities worldwide.  AOA, along with artists such as Neil Young are at the forefront of the March Against Monsanto with their new single, ‘Paradise’, from their upcoming EP, ‘Beyond The Maze’. The track was mixed by Martin Cooke (Muse, Death Cab For Cutie, Flying Lotus) and was mastered by Ian Sefchick from Capitol Records.

At the heart of ‘Paradise’, is Los Angeles-based rapper and spoken word artist Deploi. Deploi’s expansive lyrics are delivered with urgency in matters concerning Monsanto, referencing George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and the obesity epidemic in the West. Tieing in with the core message of ‘Paradise’, AOA’s vocalist, India (Best Female Vocalist–Detroit Music Awards), offers up a distinctly swaggering vocal style with intriguing melodies that are hard to ignore. B. Rhyan (Bernie Worrell) throws dark, haunting guitars over Ivica’s (Sony-Epic) arrangement of electronic soundscapes sending tension and atmosphere throughout the track. ‘Paradise’ highlights the many issues with Monsanto’s genetically-modified food that has been stated in scientific studies to cause health and environmental problems.

The discussion around Monsanto is a lively one. GMOs remain a hot topic of debate for people everywhere. The March Against Monsanto movement continues to grow and has now garnered over a million followers on Facebook. AOA is set to premiere the new video ‘Paradise’, a satirical take on the dangers of corporate dominance. Aside from their quirky magnetism and bohemian charm, AOA has clear, strong messages laced with mesmerizing songcraft, gaining attention from the likes of Rick Rubin and Jeannie Hopper.

‘Paradise’ sets the pace for a prolific array of upcoming releases from the talented group. Watch out for AOA as they catapult onto the world stage.

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