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“Being a seamless music artist Parker J is achieving heights with her profound voice and her extremely powerful musical diction.”

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UK-based Parker J has released her first single ‘Up Down’ from her newly released debut album ‘Lifeline’. Co-written by Paul Kyser and Renee Connell, the track tells the story and conveys the feelings of the aftermath of losing someone you love. Since its release, ‘Up Down’ has already entered Digital Radio Tracker’s Global Top 200 Airplay Chart at #74 and the Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart at #18. Her intense vocals backed by the soft instrumentation creates a hauntingly beautiful contrast and conveys those feelings of pain and struggle that inspired the song itself. 

Parker J fell in love with singing at the age of five, inspired by the likes of female artists such as Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, and Janet Jackson. Having studied classical ballet and piano as a child, she continued to show her love for the arts through her interests in various musical instruments and poetry. Guided by her grandfather to take these talents and put them into practice, Parker J put herself out there and began working on her debut album ‘Lifeline’.

Known for her dark feel and gentle lyrical interpretations, she writes about her own experiences and what she believes many young women and girls experience as well in regards to love and relationships. ‘Up Down’ tackles this theme, with Parker J opening up about her first love and the relatable struggles that many teens face in young relationships such as mental health and self-esteem. The track explores her learning how to make herself a priority and holds the empowering message of self-love and acceptance. In her own words: “Love comes at a price and sometimes you lose out. So you pick yourself up and keep on moving.” 

With the recent release of her debut album alongside numerous anticipated live performances, be sure to follow Parker J on socials for more information.