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“The multi-instrumentalist helms the jazz-fusion groove, delivering a silvery vocal” –

 Audiomack, “Best Of Britain”

Ray Alex releases self-produced debut EP ‘Good To Me’ on Friday 18th of March 2022. The solo multi-instrumentalist from North London has created a seven-track record which flows seamlessly both thematically and sonically, moving from classic R&B to Funk, Jazz/Live and Hip-Hop. Projecting past traumas, Ray Alex honestly reflects on situations and opens up about previous relationships, taking us through a personal journey of an artist in his mid-twenties.


First track ‘Erased’ ft. Sydney Jane feels like the standout song of the EP, the incredible vocal feature uplifts the track along with jazzy trumpets and horns which effortlessly float through the arrangement. The single even caught the attention of Disclosure who featured the track on their ‘Disclosure’s Record Bag’ playlist on Spotify which has a following of over fifty thousand listeners. The single was also featured on CLASH Magazine’s ‘Next Wave’ playlist which exclusively features the best talent coming out of the UK. 


Overall, the EP sounds like it’s been fed through a warm swimming pool. Dynamic shifts and wobbling guitar lines lead slow-paced, electronic hip-hop beats through blissful arrangements which merge varying genres and styles. The record is led by the incredible mixture of textures throughout which include a diverse range of guitar tones. For example the sparkling interlude track ‘Fold & Burn’ which is washed in psychedelia and glimmering acoustic guitar strums. In contrast, the guitar in title track ‘Good To Me’ sounds like the beginning of a track by The Police and has an overall retro television show feel. This track in particular conveys the EPs overall message of dissociation and overindulgence and ends in what can only be described as a classic 90s R&B breakdown.


‘Get To It’ takes us again in a different direction and hooks us in with funky disco guitar and morphed voice samples which bounce throughout. ‘Synchronise To Your Rhythm’ plays out with swelling harmonised vocals and 80s synth. The eclectic mix of sounds is reflected in Ray Alex’s influences as he lists Syd, Cocteau Twins and Fela Kuti as some of his inspirations. ‘Dream Telepathy’, the last track of the album, contrasts trap beat snares with high electric guitar parts and similarly to ‘Fade Eventually’ it has a strong bop to it and features high harmonised vocal lines.


Moving through 70s Disco Guitar, 80s Funky synth, 90s R&B vocals and melodies all tied together with early 2000s Hip-Hop beats is no easy feat yet Ray Alex does so effortlessly.  With more projects in the pipeline for 2022 be sure to follow Ray Alex on socials for more information about this EP and future releases. 


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