Sam Way – ‘Stargazer’

About This Project

Sam Way

Sam Way releases his first single ‘Star Gazer’ f​rom his self funded debut EP ‘​Architect’.​His lyricism is the result of ten years travelling around the world, developing an enchanting knack for storytelling. S​am Way b​egan writing songs for the piano from the age of 16, but it wasn’t until his move up to London where he pursued a career in modelling where he gained a wealth of experience from travelling the world that his father decided to introduce him to the guitar. Now combining the two, S​am Way has aspired to create an EP that speaks from the heart and is true to his experiences.

‘S​tar Gazer’​, a ballad conveying Sam’s passion and charisma developed from his rich experiences travelling across the world also reinforces his extensive ability as an artist. ‘A​rchitect’​is just as moving, and together both tracks drive an EP profuse in acoustics and strings as stirring as his talent as a lyricist. S​am Way writes with heart, playfulness and dynamism. His songs are catchy, crafted to encourage the captivated listener to explore their emotions as well as their environments.

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