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“Brilliant, bonkers pop music”

Annie Mac on ‘Coming Home’ played on Future Sounds BBC Radio 1

“A living breathing manifestation of Rock & Roll”

Rolling Stone

“Fiery frontwoman Shingai thrashes around like a punk Power Ranger, scissor-kicking

 her way through the Macy Gray school of soulfulness”



Shingai embarks on a new journey with the launch of her debut single ‘Coming Home’ released internationally on the 1st March 2019. The track features on her pending EP ‘Ancient Futures’. Shingai is renowned for her prolific career in the critically acclaimed band the Noisettes as the lead singer and bassist.  Having performed at all the largest festivals in the UK from Glastonbury to Reading and becoming a household name on national radio, TV and in major publications, Shingai’s solo project has just featured in BBC Two’s four-part TV series ‘Africa with Ade Adepitan’.

Shingai’s first single ‘Coming Home’ marries Zimbabwe’s past with its future, and captures a moment of hope, strength and celebration for its next generation. Shingai is defying convention and setting a new direction for Pop music in her evolution and authenticity, which is perhaps key to all mainstream artists sustainability. Backed by a compelling soundscape, original synth parts take on traditional mbira and guitars to create infectious hooks which allow Shingai’s vocal prowess to take fold. Shingai’s inspiration for the track came from her uncle Thomas Mapfumos’s classic Zimbabwe hit ‘Shumba’ and as she takes Zimbabwean music into its next phase, there are nods towards its history too. 

Shooting the music video on location amidst the mountains of Domboshava and the bustling capital Harare, Shingai showcases Zimbabwe’s next generation of creatives using local talent and local brands during filming.  Shingai has been a regular voice on radio and TV with the Noisettes featuring on Later WIth Jools Holland three times, The Jonathan Ross Show, Graham Norton and interviewed across national and regional BBC Networks.

Distinguished for her dramatic performances, be prepared to be taken on a musical journey complimented by visuals as Shingai launches her solo career at The Jazz Café on Wednesday 17th April 2019. As Shingai is already a live act to be reckoned with; the transition from the Noisettes is set to break Shingai into the limelight all over again.