Stefano Bertozzi – ‘Notes On A Love Affair’

About This Project

Italian-born singer-songwriter Stefano Bertozzi announces the release of his new single ‘Notes On A Love Affair’ for 29th of April this year. The single follows the recent victories of Stefano Bertozzi performing live sessions at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, taking part in interviews at BR.FM and Cambridge 105.

‘Notes On A Love Affair’ is awash with lightly pressed acoustic guitar and easy flowing percussion that rises and falls at just the right moments. It follows similar suit to previous singles from Stefano Bertozzi, it’s thoughtful, sincere, and full of subtle hooks that leave the listener humming along. ‘Notes On A Love Affair’ features a duet from Cambridgeshire native SJ Mortimer, giving the song a dynamic and graceful lift towards the end, turning it from it’s soft and sincere beginnings to a light-hearted resolution. The b-side to this single, ‘Cambridge Commuters’ is a tribute to the London commuter facing the everyday shuffle, something Stefano is very familiar with. ‘Cambridge Commuters’ explores the furtive glances, occasional flirting and stray stares of the daily commute.



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