The Dandadda

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About This Project

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Brixton’s exciting new culture clash, The Dandadda, is a compelling mix of genres created by producer Dan Vinci, incorporating a movement of musicians, dancers and artists. Born and raised in Brixton, Dan Vinci became drawn to the Rastafarian culture at a young age when an elderly Rasta man saved his life from a random knifepoint attack. Since then, Dan Vinci gravitated towards the lifestyle and started working with reggae musicians from early in his career. Becoming a notable force in Brixton’s vibrant music scene and street parties, Dan Vinci has also involved big names in the project, such as Horace Andy (Massive Attack), Earl 16 (UB40), Junior Dan (Gorillaz), John Holt and The Ragga Twins (Skrillex). The result is exciting.

Looking forwards to future releases and big things to come!

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