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‘I’ve worked with many signature artists from ‘PJ Harvey’ to ‘The Smiths’ but I’ve rarely known such a truly mesmerizing talent as Tizane’

George Kimpton – former Head of Rough Trade


18-year old indie-pop singer and songwriter, Tizane is due to release her debut single, ‘He Took It All Back’ on her own newly formed label, ‘Jiggery Pokery’ through State 51 Conspiracy on Friday 11th September 2020. Written and produced by the artist, and with George Kimpton (former Head of Rough Trade) as her mentor who has worked with the likes of Depeche Mode, PJ Harvey, The Smiths and Kylie Minogue,  the track is a blend of retro, soulful and lyrical vocal styling with a haunting soundscape that impresses in its simplicity and honesty.


Tizane says: ‘I always set out to create a simple expression of love and optimism but end up delivering something entirely more introspective – He Took It All Back is one of my personal favourites though.” 


Oozing with personality and maturity for her age, Tizane  invites the listener to feel, reflect  and connect on a very intimate level. Her fragile and ethereal voice is infectious to any ears it graces . That’s the reason why she is called ‘witch’ by her ever growing number of  followers on social media and is planning to maintain her title with a music video inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ filmed in a hotel and bringing the ghost twins back in life. 


Tizane discovered her music talents at a young age. It soon became her mission in life to write songs and explore new ways to express her creative spirit. She did this by hiding away in her cluttered bedroom, picking out guitar chords, experimenting on retired keyboards and setting up a small studio where she started writing her dark, melancholic and surreal ballads. Driven by her passion, Tizane began performing in open-mics and a few years later, she embarked on a pub tour at historic venues like The Dublin Castle and The Monarch. She performed many of her own songs, receiving general acclaim from audiences who describe her as Kate Bush meets Billie Eilish.


Tizane is putting the finishing touches on her debut album ‘Cherry’ planned for release this October and is ready to bring her unique brand of ‘‘witchcraft’’ to a wider audience. Get ready to live the experience. Stay tuned to her socials for the latest updates.


Facebook: facebook.com/Tizane 

Twitter: twitter.com/Tizane

Instagram: instagram.com/Tizane 

Website: tizane.net/ Tizane