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Indie-Rock artist Wes Cotton is due to release his debut single ‘Love One Another’ on Friday, May 28th 2021. The slick production of the track brings Indie Rock and Brit-Pop elements together in a song full of nostalgia.

Always looking to inject some positivity in the world, Wes Cotton created ‘Love One Another’ as a way to deliver a message of hope during this particularly challenging time. A simple request to ‘Love One Another’ can at times sound easier than it is, Wes Cotton aspires to live by this mantra, challenging everyone to do the same as a way of bringing the world together before we tear it apart. The chorus states “We’ve got to love one another before it’s over”. Inspired by 90’s Brit-Pop which can be heard throughout the track, Wes Cotton’s influences include a wide range of rock and pop artists. The overall instrumentation is a nod to the iconic Manchester sound, with its uplifting, catchy guitar riffs that carry the track forward. Wes Cotton‘s vocals soar over a consistent bass line with complementary drums keeping the energetic tempo and reinforcing the message of unity, love and hope.

Naturally, local Brit-Pop heroes Oasis sparked his passion for music when he was very young. Wes Cotton vividly remembers watching a VHS recording of ‘Live By The Sea’ and being stunned by Noel Gallagher’s performance of ‘Talk Tonight’ and ‘D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?’ when he was 17 and inspiring him to start writing original material and eventually form his first band The Movement. Aside from being a talented singer-songwriter, Cotton briefly played rugby on a professional level for the London Broncos. He later ventured into modelling, getting involved in campaigns for GANT and River Island, as well as appearing on the cover of Men’s Health.  

With more tracks in the pipeline and the hope of gigging once restrictions are lifted, this won’t be the last you hear of Wes Cotton. Follow their socials for the latest updates. 

Instagram: instagram.com/wescotton_offical 

Twitter: twitter.com/WesCotton