How to Get Your Music On The Radio

Written by Michael Eastwood Founder & CEO of Mastermind Promotion

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Where To Start?

This question seems straightforward enough, and there is a straightforward answer - prepare your music, a press release and submit your tracks to a station. However, it is standing out during the process that proves difficult. Simply attempting to get your music on the radio is easy - actually making sure that you get noticed and played is a totally different story.

To try and get your song played on the radio, either you or your promotion company approach radio stations, promoting your song or release to them using a combination of press releases, emails and phone calls. The interested stations will then, if you’re lucky, play your music. 

Mastermind artist Tom Robinson (right) with Michael Eastwood (centre) and BBC Radio London presenter Robert Elms (left)

The Catch

The truth is that radio promotion is anything but easy - whilst it might seem straightforward, getting onto the radio is extremely competitive and commercial radio stations receive an unbelievable amount of prospective music each week. It is difficult to put a figure on just how many submissions the commercial stations receive, but niche techno producer and DJ Dave Clarke was recently quoted to have received 2GB of music in a week in MP3 format - consider the reduction of quality to MP3 as a result of compression to understand the extent of the volume of music he received. Also bear in mind that techno is a relatively underground genre - the commercial stations would be receiving exponentially greater volumes of music when the pertinent factors are considered.

It is important to consider both submitting to non-commercial radio stations, such as student radio, as well as the main commercial radio stations to maximise your chances of getting plays and airtime. Understanding that your journey as an artist is a process rather than an overnight success story is crucial - whilst your end goal might be to end up securing plays on the biggest radio stations, obtaining plays on a smaller non-commercial station is an incremental step to your overall success as an artist. From that position, you can expect commercial stations to pay you more attention than an artist without those non-commercial plays, even if they weren’t your ultimate objective.

Running a Radio Campaign

Organising a radio promotion campaign can be a time-consuming process, taking at the very least four weeks, longer if you have had less experience. Mastermind Promotion have the industry connections as a result of years of professional experience to ensure that you achieve the results you want. We can write press releases for you and analyse the market, making sure that your tracks are sent to the radio stations most likely to yield successful results for you.