A Good Strategy Is The Key To Your Success

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

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What You Will Gain From This...

  • Guidance on your Branding
  • Guidance on your Online Presence
  • Guidance on your PR
  • Special Tips Tailored to You
  • Our Expert Opinion on Where You Need To Focus
  • The Next Steps Suited for You
  • A Personal One-to-One Call With Our Experts
  • A Tailor Made Strategy Document Outlining Your Best Route Forward

A Good Strategy Is The Key To Success

Have you ever wondered how your music compares to others like you? Get your career reviewed by a Mastermind Expert. You might have missed out on some vital information that could raise your career to the next level - our consultants have worked with hundreds of artists over the years, and we continue to see the same mistakes. Why would you not want to get ahead and be in the best position? Take a step further today.

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It goes without saying that things don’t always go to plan, and as a creative musician you may be averse to thinking too far ahead. This may be your natural inclination, but for the benefit of your career and success in the music business it is necessary to compromise and develop a strategy for the future. It is fundamental to establish your primary ambitions and discuss how best you can fulfil them. This is called strategization and it is crucial to your success. Having expert guidance will put you light years ahead of your competition.

As an artist you might have an impressive catalogue of work and a ton of great ideas, but may also be feeling the constraints of the real world, including time, money and competition. So how will you get your music heard by wide audiences and create a brand and marketing campaign efficiently? You need to map out a strategy including which radio stations to pursue, the organisation of live shows, and the distribution of EPK’s documenting any upcoming releases along with much more. This is a lot to consider whilst focussing primarily on the quality of your music.

Mastermind Promotion has the experience and skills you need to develop a bespoke strategy resolving all of your concerns and effectively overcoming obstacles. Together we will make the best possible choices after considering your product carefully, approaching the most relevant outlets which will give you the best prospect of ultimate success. Mastermind Promotion is proven to achieve the best results for our clients, and it is your success that inspires us in return. Strategise with us and see your success grow as an artist.

Why Are You Here?

If you're wondering why you have reached this page, it's because you're seeking the quickest route to live your dreams in the world of music. It's possible that you might already be living your dream, but want to make an even greater success of yourself. We all love music, and being musicians ourselves really inspires our passion to help others in this industry. We offer high value, complete, bespoke PR, branding and marketing solutions to artists who we consider will be able to benefit from our help.

You Want To Take The Next Step

One of our core values is our commitment to providing a selective service to clients who we believe can benefit from our help. You don't want to waste your time - we understand that time is precious and wouldn't want to waste it either. Through the vast number of enquiries we have for our services and through many years of experience, we have learnt that everyone needs a little guidance. We can help you today.

You Can Achieve Success

As our services are bespoke and tailored to your needs, we are able to work with breaking artists right up to international superstars. Due to this we have gained the experience and knowledge to know how to take your career to the next level, wherever that may be. We have created this gateway for you and your career, and can help fulfil your potential as an artist. We can promise you as much as we understand you are capable of achieving. We are here to help you strategise your music promotion and advise you on your career to give you a fighting chance of success.

We Believe In You

If you feel like you - or an artist you represent - are ready to guided in the right direction by an industry leading PR firm, You will also understand the vitality of a good strategy. Whether we pursue National or Regional Radio, major publications or raise the bar internationally, we will work with you if we believe you have the potential to succeed. However, we understand your skepticism having heard of the unfavourable situations many artists in your situation have had to endure at the hands of other PR companies. As musicians ourselves, we are on your side and will fight in your corner. We are only out to help you. This is our ethical approach and responsibility; it is why we stand out from the crowd, and is why we are offering you this service. Do you want to be a part of our many success stories? If you do, then show us how committed you are to succeed.

It All Starts With A Plan

With our Full Promotion Review and Strategy, you will get to speak with one of our experts who will previously review all the information we request from you and advise you for an hour on your best routes to market. From there we will create a tailor-made strategy for you, considering as many aspects of your career as necessary.

You'll Receive A Huge Leap Forward With Our Professional Guidance

Get Your Music Promotion Reviewed By One Of Our Experts

Our team of experts will comprehensively review your music promotion, analysing every detail to ensure not a jot is overlooked. Once you've sent us all the information about your project, we'll be ready for our discussion.

Book A Time That Suits You

Once you have given us all the details required, you will be able to book a time at your convenience to speak with one of our experts. You will be advised on the best approach to become more successful in your music career.

Receive Your Tailor-Made Promotional Strategy

Once we have spoken and discussed your project in detail, our team will then proceed to create you your bespoke promotional strategy curated to your precise needs. This strategy will advise and enhance all aspects of your promotion. This strategy will be tailored to your brand and your objectives, covering areas as diverse as Branding, PR, Release Strategies, Event Promotion and even as far as product development.

What We Can Do For You Too

Sam Way

"Me and Mastermind will go on a long journey. To make anything successful you need a good plan and they certainly have the right way of going about things."

Sam Way, Singer Songwriter
Stefano Bertozzi

"My campaign was well run and yielded desired result. I have no difficulty in lending my wholehearted support for future clients to try the superb quality of Mastermind's services"

Stefano Bertozzi, Singer Songwriter

"Mastermind is definitely good at working to tight schedules and still getting good results ... we definitely think the campaign was tailored to our needs."

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Full Music Promotion Review and Strategy

Strategy - Beginner
  • Professional Review Of Your Career
  • 30 Minute one-on-one phone call
  • Bespoke Guidance
  • Advice About Your Next Steps
Strategy - Pro
£894149 /mo - Six Months
  • Professional Review Of Your Career
  • Continual Guidance
  • Tailored Strategy Document
  • Bi-Weekly 30 Minute Phone Call

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