Why We Are Doing This

Here at Mastermind Promotion we get a lot of requests for PR so we thought we would start a Blog area to help you aspiring artists and your brands prepare to storm the music industry. If you're already prepared, then you should supplement your own knowledge and skills by reading our posts filled with tips about our own professional experience obtained from working in the industry. This is our first of many posts which have been designed to help you succeed as an artist in this competitive industry. We collectively have over 160 years experience in the music industry and have been involved in every area you can imagine, so artists' high demand for consultations is to be expected.

As many of you understand, the music industry is hugely competitive and is rapidly changing, especially with the growth of interest and ease of access after the rise of social media. Much of the music industry and PR world is extremely back-dated and hasn’t evolved with the current markets - we know this and exist to help you get ahead. 

We advise and consult on the whole process and this is why we decided to create a truly 360 route to market, acting as a label would back in the old days. Additionally we have developed an extensive range of resources designed to educate and prepare you for more success in the industry, particularly if you are in the initial stages of your career.

Our first blog post will be an extensive, in-depth guide, full of useful information that both musicians and managers can use. If it’s too long and you can’t be bothered to read it thoroughly, don’t worry. Skim through and pick out the points you want to know more about. Following posts will be shorter and focussed on specific topics.

If any post in particular catches your attention, make sure to share it and provide feedback on what you like or don’t like about it. This will help us improve our content for the future, which in turn will benefit your career as an artist!