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Work with us and open yourself to new opportunities and greater possibilities, honing your media and consumer presence. An increased market awareness will develop your brand and push you to the next level, putting you closer to the next breakthrough or hightening your international awareness. We have a team of knowledgeable people ready to help take your product to the next commercial step. Using strategies that cover all media outlets, our service is key to opening doors in your career. Whether it’s music promotion or entertainment we can handle it all.

Your Complete Solution

We Can Help You Succeed In All Areas Of Your Promotion

You’re an independent artist with a great finished product and you want to establish your career further. Mastermind Promotion has the industry relationships and proven expertise to ensure that your music is promoted in the best way possible. We can work together to give you a cutting edge in this competitive market.


Building Your Credibility Will Get Your Music Heard

Our Bespoke Promotion Services Are Tailored To Your Needs

We engage with online media in various ways to encourage not only coverage but organic growth of interest through these channels. Online press, including web-zines and blogs.


We have regional media contacts in print including national music magazines, national broadsheets and regional broadsheets to help secure publicity for you.

We have strong relationships with hundreds of national and regional media contacts of whom we regularly secure airplay, interviews and live sessions.

Video premiering for all music videos in each campaign, aiming for premieres on industry leading sites. We can also plug your videos to UK music channels.

Increase Your Audience Dramatically

Ensure Your Music Reaches The Right People With Us


Mastermind has a unique GoTo Market Strategy with a proven track record. Our knowledge for accelerating fame for our clients has brought recognition throughout the music industry.


Promote a product, service or brand. Digital publications are more cost effective and environmentally friendly than their alternatives.


At Mastermind Marketing, our specialists can fully manage your Pay Per Click campaign for you. Everything to ensure the results you need.


Full service social media management services, social media marketing analytics and performance reporting and promotional campaigns.


We Can Get Your Brand Recognised

Need some tips to improve the way you are presented to the public? Mastermind offer guides, tutorials, and 1-on-1 consultations to make sure your brand is looking professional, just the way you want it.

First impressions count. We can help make sure you are ready from an aesthetic perspective and assist in your product and image development, all catered to your needs.
We build responsive websites using the WordPress content management system. We will host & customise themes and provide you with the training needed so you can update your own content.

Mastermind PR can also direct the production of music videos, outsourcing professional and affordable solutions. Having a professional standard video will help you to stand out.

Take A Step Towards Success By Consulting Our Experts

Mastermind’s Team Has the Expertise To Guide You in The Right Direction

Michael Eastwood

Michael Eastwood PR & Branding Expert Founder of Mastermind back in 2006. Michael has a unique GoTo Market Strategy with a proven track record. His knowledge for accelerating fame for his clients has brought him recognition throughout the music and media industry.
Rick Barker

Rick Barker Social Media Specialist

Rick Barker strives to teach artists how to be artists. Rick is most known for formerly managing Taylor Swift and has been a part of developing artists for industry­ changing careers and superstardom. He is also a consultant for Big Machine Label Group,​ American Idol, ​and Live Nation.

Vicky Hamilton

Vicky Hamilton Artist Manager Considered one of the most successful music executives in the industry, Grammy Award-Winning Vicky Hamilton is most renowned for discovering, developing and managing Guns ’N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, Poison and many others.
Dale Penner

Dale Penner Leading Producer Many projects have benefited from Penner’s production, including; Nickelback’s ‘The State’ (Roadrunner) certified platinum in America and Canada. Dale received the “Producer of the Year” award at the WCMA’s for his work on Holly McNarland’s (Universal) platinum selling ‘Stuff’.

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

Make Sure Nothing Escapes Your Attention With Our Help.







Everything You Need In One Place

Our specialists handle every area needed so you can get back to doing what you do best. From product development, branding, social media, PR, release strategies, publishing and marketing. We create campaigns at the highest level. Here are some of the other areas we cover.

From sourcing a venue and booking headline artists to arranging pre and post event coverage, we can deliver an event to remember for any occasion.

Media attendance is important to the success of maintaining exposure in the market following an event. We will manage an industry guest list securing industry professionals.

From co-sponsorship to full ownership that are designed to address any budget constraints, with a sponsored event / brand, it is possible to elevate your business to your existing market.

Mastermind have intuitive expertise and dedication. We have developed a dedicated and caring style over the years based on honesty and attention to detail.

We have the platform to supply audio and video content to over 400 download, mobile and video sites. We also manage physical releases through our distribution deals.

We specialise in social media marketing services that work within a niche, budget, and expectations. Let us handle your social media management; you get back to doing what you do best.


  • “There's so many positives that I can mention about Mastermind. But the main important one is their tirelessly professional work-ethic and attitude which I admire and look for in someone who I want to deal with.”

    Heart Radio
  • “Mastermind are friendly and efficient to deal with, they have a great taste in music and know where to target an artist's music for maximum effect.”

  • “Mastermind PR, a brilliantly driven PR company that consistently delivers interesting projects to us; not just high quality music, but unique opportunities with the artists that produce it.”

    Universal Records