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About This Project

Philippines-based pop act, producer, arranger and composer, Nitoy is releasing his new single ‘Ako Na Lang’ due for release on 20th November. Recorded at Westpoint Studios London (Adele, Bjork, Pharrell Williams), Nitoy Mallillin originally showcased his vocal talent with his debut album ‘Happy’ which launched Nitoy as an original singer-songwriter and composer; successfully making the step from his famed international cover act ‘70’s Superband’ in which he toured the globe all the way to positioning himself as a Filipino pop act looking to contest with the new greats in Filipino music. After his first album, ‘Happy’, The Philippine Star took notice of the lead video single ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’, describing the album as “taking you on a trip down memory lane […] Nitoy delivers these songs, with new, upbeat arrangements, in his signature falsetto singing style.”

Nitoy is a born musician; having been working in so many facets of the music industry already, being a nominee in Aliw Awards’ Best Instrumentalist 2013 and being a key member in a number of varying bands, Nitoy Mallillin has experienced the triumphs and turns which have now evolved to this new project we are hearing today.

New single, ‘Ako Na Lang’ showcases Nitoy vocal flow and songwriting talent; effortlessly creating memorable hooks yet showing enough restraint to leave it open for the counter melodies to weave in between. ‘Ako Na Lang’ features ALIW award-winning ‘Best DJ’ Jennifer Lee sweeping in filling spaces with relentless Filipino rap; giving the song that extra energy to push it over the top and make it something remarkable.It seems everything in Nitoy’s career to date has been working up to this moment we are now hearing today; putting together the experience garnered from a life in music from working in varying bands famous for their variety and even CEO of his own music events production company, ‘Mallillin’s Music Productions’. Already familiar with the international stage from being in globe touring bands, Nitoy hopes to engage the same excitement with his new upcoming album which is currently gaining international notes from a variety of music publications.