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DJ Friction interviews MC Flux on his BBC Radio 1 Drum and Bass show. MC Flux talks about his new book ‘Dirty’ which is out now, available on all major online bookstores.

MC Flux describes a synopsis of his experiences in the book; his time as a DJ, the drugs involved in his lifestyle, and his football hooliganism. The whole interview had a light-hearted take on his life and times – looking back on the past.

“One of the best MC’s in the UK, period.”
DJ Colin Dale, Wildlife AM

“What more can I say, he’s a great MC, one of the most pioneering to grace the mic.”
DJ Grooverider, Prototype Records

Drum and Bass pioneer MC Flux is to release a book cataloguing his history as an upcoming musician on the electronic scene, whilst leading a life full of hooliganism and drug ­addiction.The book, to be released April 2015, is full of insights into the lifestyle of underground parties and football fanaticism, combined with a real­world take on what it was like to live in London through the 80’s and 90’s.

“Once upon there was a little black boy named Rodney who grabbed the microphone, got into fights, and had issues with drugs.”


The book is available to purchase on, Moreo Books, and iTunes, amongst others.