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“Your ears will thank you. Crystal Starr is all that…and then some!”

Perez Hilton


“Crystal Starr is a beauty, her voice is the best, bring her to Britain anytime we’ll have her!”



“Starr nails a tune with searing passion and skill”

Rolling Stone


Crystal Starr is set for her UK single release ​‘Get Loose With It​’ on ​14th June 2019. The song serves as the lead single from her second album ‘SHE​’ ​which has further cemented her solo career leading to support slots for ​Lady Gaga, Drake, Tito Jackson, and J Lo since it’s release last year. A major act in the making, the two times ​Hollywood Music Awards ​winner has an impressive resume, having performed regularly to crowds of over 80,000 people as the official support act for artists such as ​Paul Stanley (Kiss)​, ​Ariana Grande​, ​Kanye West, John Legend ​and ​Stevie Wonder over the past ten years.

Dubbed as the Latina ​Amy Winehouse​, Crystal Starr is flying the flag for female activism. Lead single ​‘Get Loose With It’ aims to encourage women in the dating game to free themselves from the shackles of societal pressures and to be themselves. The soaring track with its big band vibe cements Crystal Starr as an integral beacon in the ever-growing movement towards female equality and empowerment.

Recorded in her home studio and produced by ​John Mitche​l (​Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston)​, ​Crystal was inspired to create ​’SHE’ based on personal accounts (including those of her loved ones), of heartbreak, abuse and the struggles women are unfortunately forced to endure too often. Crystal Starr’s music exists to uplift and encourages women to be a community who support one another. ​Crystal Star is a regular face on American TV, featuring on ​Ellen​, ​Tonight with Jimmy Fallon and ​NBC’s ‘The Winner Is’. ​A personal highlight of her career was being selected to perform on ​Broadway ​as a lead role in​ Warner Brothers ​hit musical​ ‘Baby It’s You’, ​the story of ​The Shirelles.

As the founder of non-profit organisation ​‘Little Voices’​, Crystal Starr produces Grammy scale concerts for children in foster care to enjoy for free, so that they can have the opportunity to be inspired by art and music to overcome respective challenges, experience joy and cultivate self-esteem. Crystal is set to continue her rise to stardom with a US-wide tour in the coming weeks, an appearance to 100,000 people at ​Fuji Rock Festival opening for ​The Cure ​and a UK promotional tour of ​‘SHE’ in June as Crystal Starr grasps superstardom with both hands.