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DA REAL3ST’s beautiful melodic flow, interesting flow choices, and unique British African voice give the track a different flavor than we’ve heard before. Seekers Time

“…gained traction quickly with his unique voice and overall tasteful sound” – Medium


Rising London-based rapper DA REAL3ST has just released his new single ‘No Complacency’ with exclusive video premiere on GRM Daily boasting over 40k views in its debut weekend. His infectious blend of Drill, Hip-Hop and Afrobeats has been building momentum with over 25k monthly listeners on Spotify. Backed by the likes of Link Up TV and featured across Vents Magazine and Disrupt, DA REAL3ST is gradually becoming one of the hottest names in the capital’s underground scene.

No Complacency’ offers a unique and clean take on Drill music, ushering people to break gang stereotypes, work hard to earn a living and set realistic goals in life. Inspired by the daily grind of British and American African communities, DA REAL3ST pays homage to street brotherhoods, and tackles systematic discrimination and prejudice. Having already displayed his mastery in previous releases, ‘No Complacency’ puts the spotlight on his infectious delivery and bouncy hip-hop beat, backed with a simplistic yet uplifting background. Surrounded by loyal people he can trust and fuelled by personal experiences, DA REAL3ST briefly describes his forthcoming release:

“No Complacency’ reminds me to never stop chasing my goals, to never get complacent, and to never stop grinding.”

Currently based in Croydon, DA REAL3ST knows street life all too well and uses his platform to raise awareness on ongoing injustice and hate. A proud descendant of a Nigerian mother and Gyanese father, and having lived in Wisconsin prior to moving to London at the age of 10, the young artist grew up with racism and bullying as the norm. A promising youthful talent at Crystal Palace FC and AFC Wimbledon, he ditched the football pitch for the booth, and found his real passion in making music and expressing himself through rapping, songwriting and sound engineering. Overcoming the untimely loss of his loving mother and greatest inspiration in 2019, DA REAL3ST vouches to keep on telling his diverse and turbulent story to the world, and work even harder towards his dreams.

Ambitious and committed to his powerful message, DA REAL3ST describes himself as “melodic lyrical monster” but lets his music speak for itself, raising above subgenre boundaries and cliched stereotypes. Influenced by hip-hop and grime heavyweights such as 2 Pac, Kendrick Lamar and Skepta, the young artist is quickly becoming a name not to be missed. Follow his socials for more upcoming releases and further updates.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/daaareal3st  

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Daaareal3st 

Twitter: www.twitter.com/daaareal3st 

YouTube: www.youtube.com/DAREAL3ST 

Linktree: https://ffm.bio/dareal3st