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“Mike Ray is a very unique artist!” 

Link Up TV

UK rap artist Mike Ray releases new feel-good banger ‘No Wahala’ on Friday 19th of August 2022. Following previous releases featured on Link Up TV and GRM Daily, the new track is an uplifting composition which is begging to be played out all summer long. Music is just the tip of the iceberg for Mike Ray, he is currently also running his own media production company based in Coventry primarily through the Youtube channel ‘Ray Sessions’ which features some of the biggest up and coming names within the genre, particularly  on its  ‘Coldest Bars’ segment. 

Mike Ray has now been recording and making music for a number of years, starting his music business whilst still at university. Well-known around his peers and other musicians for his feel-good attitude, the new single’s overall message of ‘No Troubles’ (No Wahala) is communicating Mike Ray’s self-confidence in his own goals and achievements. The music video perfectly compliments the track with visual proof of the hype and energy he brings to life. When speaking about the track Mike states: “This song is about me becoming ready to receive BIG blessings in my life” providing an inspiring message for those attempting to successfully make it into the music business.

Sonically ‘No Wahala’ fuses drill percussion with gliding 808 beats, rounded off with captivating harp flourishes and a catchy melodic hook. 

Mike Ray makes music from the heart and soul and his new track is sure to bring him all the blessings he deserves. The young entrepreneur, graduate and creative is already making waves within the genre, be sure to follow him and his channel on socials for more info about the release. 


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