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“My recommendation of the day”

BBC Radio 2 live from Glastonbury 2013 (Steve Lamacq)

“Indecently talented”

The Mike Harding Folk Show

“The Drystones technical prowess and stylistic awareness speak for themselves”

Songlines Magazine

Folk two-piece heavy hitters The Drystones are set to release their new single ‘The Singularity’ on 4th of March 2022, ahead of their 5th studio album which takes them into new, creative territories. Having played multiple sets at Glastonbury Music Festival and being nominated for the 2018 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards, the duo have already made a name for themselves within the folk genre, but their ambient new direction is set to expand their journey into different soundscapes.

Alex and Ford have been making music together for over 10 years and the upcoming album has been created to mark the occasion. The title of the new album ‘Vulpus’ is derived from the Latin word for Fox, an animal that perfectly sums up The Drystones. Originally from rural Somerset, the duo now live in cities and the music reflects this change, where traditional Folk percussion used to lie, there are now fresh electronic beats and hooks. Much like the fox, The Drystones’ music is both comfortable in the wild as well as in urban environments. 

Lead single ‘The Singularity’ is a fantastic introduction into The Drystones’ new direction as they hope to bridge the gap between Folk and Electronic music and its typical audiences. “It’s got the relentless energy of instrumental folk, underpinned by the endless groove of electronic dance music.” Fizzing with the energy of the 21st century, utilising modern tools and techniques, the new single hopes to close the gap between niche and mainstream genre conventions. Taking influence from Bonobo, Massive Attack and Portishead, ‘Singularity’ is the first of a string of tracks that are made to make people move, with intelligent acoustic hooks twinned with atmospheric drums and layered electronic dynamics. 

The Drystones have officially confirmed a UK Tour for March 2022, with dates listed below. With the album looming, be sure to follow the duo on socials for more information about their releases and ticket sales.